AI in Video Games

With all the hype of AI, one has to ask how advance is our current technology and how close are we to actual AI. Although, many may argue, we already have Artificial Intelligence, and it is seen every day in programs, devices, and mostly… video games. This page is a dedicate study to the history, research, and theorized future of AI in video games.

A good jump start into artificial intelligence in video games is the current Wikipedia Page.

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Diablo 3 Guide: Kanai’s Cube

Quest | Recipes | Powers
Kanai's Cube Recipe Pages

What is the Kanai’s Cube? Kanai’s Cube is like a new artisan in Diablo 3. Released on patch 2.3, it can allow players to use up to three extra legendary powers (one jewelry, one weapon, one armor). It can be found by completely running threw the newest area “The Ruins of Sescheron, which can be found and teleported to on the Act 3 map in Adventure Mode.

Quest: How To Get Kanai’s Cube

To get Kanai’s Cube, you must travel to Act 3 in Adventure Mode. on the map screen, you can teleport to the new location at the top right of the Act 3 map. In this area, you will need to run through it. At a dead end, Kanai’s Cube will be sitting waiting for you to grab it. Travel back to Kule on any Act to activate this new artisan. Continue reading

MPQ Adds New Spider-Man (Original)

new level one spider man original mpqIt’s been awhile since Marvel Puzzle Quest released a new one star hero cover. And not to mention this one is one of the most popular characters. Spider-Man (Original) is a new starting hero for players new and old alike. He can be obtained through purchasing standard covers, with tokens or 500 Iso-8.

Spider-Man (Original) Stats & Info

MPQ cover amazing fantasy 15Cover from Amazing Fantasy # 15. (First Appearance, 1962)

Y=2, R=3, B=3, P=2,G=2, Bl=2, Crit= 3.5x, TU=2

255 at Level One. + ? per level.

One Star Common Character
First cover starts at level one

Web Swing (Red)
Does 41 damage and creates a web tile.

All Tied Up (Blue)
Stuns target for 1 turn and creates a web tile.

Spectacular Strategy (Purple)
Turns 2 random basic tiles into critical tiles and also creates a web tile.

spiderman original one star cover hero character marvel puzzle quest

Uncanny X-Force Deadpool Joins Marvel Puzzle Quest

Who says Marvel can’t play nice with Fox. With all the new hype following the movie trailer for the new Deadpool movie, Marvel decided to play along and promote Deadpool this week in their RPG puzzle gameMarvel Puzzle Quest.

Character Cover Details: Deadpool (Uncanny X-Force)

deadpool uncanny x-force 7“Merc with a Mouth”

4 Stars Legendary
You get him at level 70, level cap is 270

3774 health at lv70

Out of Bullets (13 red tiles)
Deals 922 damage to target and heals Deadpool for 548 health

X-Enforcer (0 black tiles, passive)
Creates a 1 turn countdown tile that deals 409 damage when one of Deadpool’s allies takes more than 685 damage.

Countdown for What (7 purple tiles)
Deadpool creates 4 3-turn countdown tiles that don’t actually do anything but if they are matched before the third turn they do 402 damage.

Cover: Uncanny X-Force #7 (2010)

See more details on character covers for Marvel Puzzle Quest.

Leoric Joins Heroes Of The Storm

Leoric, also known as The Skeleton King, joins the big and growing roster of Heroes Of The Storm. This new hero, based off the mad king in the Diablo game series, is part of the new chapter in Heroes Of The Storm called the Eternal Conflict. Leroic is the third out of the four new heroes to be featured from Diablo. The total for being Johanna (warrior), The Butcher (assassin), King Leoric (warrior), and the Monk (melee support).
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Game of War – Fire Age

gamofwar2015The new game featured in last years Super Bowl commercial, featured now on Android and Iphone! This game is growing in popularity and you just need to check it out for yourself.

“One of the best new mobile games, a must play for 2015!” – Igoumedia

Game of War: Fire Age on Android Phone/Tablet:
Game of War: Fire Age on Iphone and iOS:

Game Features:
– Play & chat with millions of Online Players from around the world in 32 different languages – all in real-time.
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Best Graphics In Gaming 2015

We’re at an exhilarating point in games and gaming technology in which the art style in graphics are being matched by serene photorealism. We’re on the verge of games that will be discernable from real-life images, and with the development of more and more powerful graphics cards, next-gen consoles and DirectX 12 that time is quickly approaching. Here we take a look at some of the most stunning examples of modern, beautiful and photorealistic graphics.


When Crysis launched on PC in 2007 it became the pinnacle of graphical fidelity, and the standard to which all games were held graphically. Benchmarks were ran against Crysis for practically every PC test, and even those who were not fans of the genre heard of its name. Even today the original Crysis is breathtaking. The vistas, high-level of detail and tropical settings seem far ahead of its time. Fast forward 6 years and the graphics have only improved. In Crysis 3 single screenshots show thousands of light rays, particle effect and insanely detailed models and textures. While the game is a bit more stylized than real life, it is incredible the amount of fidelity the game has managed to pump out while running.
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