FFXIV: A Realm Reborn Starting Areas Level 1-15

Depending on what battle class you decide for your character also decides your starting area.
When starting the game you will do most of your leveling from 1 to 15 in one of the three following areas. See below for quest order links.
Gridania: Archer, Lancer, Conjurer
Uldah: Pugilists, Thaumaturge, Gladiator
Limsa Lominsa: Marauder, Arcanists


Black Shroud Guide Map
Located in the Black Shroud, Gridania is a forest city, home to humble people into using natural forest type resources in their lives.


Thanalan Guide Map
The desert city of spirit and commerce. Ul’dah is a elegant city full of all kinds of wonders. Located in Thanalan, south Eorzea. commerce

Limsa Lominsa

La Noscea Guide Map
The more isolated of the three cities, Limsa Lominsa is home to many people of the sea, even pirates. Wit and wisdom help the few survive on the island of La Noscea, off the coast of the main land.
FFXIV a realm reborn world map

FFXIV: A Realm Reborn World Maps

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