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The Mounts of Eorzea!

See our Chocobo Companion Page for Fighting Chocobo Info
Travelling around Eorzea in Final Fanstay 14: A Realm Reborn becomes much easier at level 20, when you receive you first riding mount, the Chocobo.

Mounts in A Realm Reborn can not only be faster than walking, but will be able to battle by your side as well. Once a mount is obtained you can use them with any level discipline. Flying mounts are not confirmed yet. Mounts are not exactly required, and by far are not the only way of transportation (Aetherytes). You can also travel to city to city by airship.

Although chocobos are currently the only starting mount, many will be available after game release on August 27th. Pre ordering and purchasing certain collectors editions of the game will even come with specialty mounts like the Coeurl Mount. High level quests will give new mounts as well.
Coeurl Mount FFXIV a realm reborn

Mount Quests: My Little Chocobo Lv.20

To receive your first mount, you must first complete the main story quest “The Company You Keep“. After this and choosing a Grand Company you will be able to get the mount quest “My Little Chocobo” at the Grand Company location. The quest required getting 1000 Grand Company seals and trading them with the Grand Company Quartermaster for a chocobo voucher. Take the voucher to the quest location / chocobo dealer to complete the quest. Too summon you chocobo mount use the chocobo whistle action outside of the city.

To start, I find the fastest way to obtain company seals is to complete company leves.
Grand Company Leve Officer Locations:
Moraby Drydocks, Lower La Noscea,
Hawthorne Hut East Shroud,
Camp Drybone, Eastern Thanalan.

Mount Quest: Unicorn Power Lv.30

After becoming level 30 you can obtain a unicorn mount. After getting the mount you may use it on any class. Travel to Gridania and finish the instance battle and quest to receive the unicorn whiistle. Afterwards open your Actions & Traits window and click mounts to change your new mount to your hotbar.

Also, mounts will have the ability to be customized by adding armor and other apparel.
Many exciting plans have been made for developing unique, eye-catching mounts to keep your ride fresh in FFXIV. We will gladly keep you updated on new mounts as we find out.
Coeurl Mount FFXIV a realm reborn

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