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FFXIV: Finding & Farming Shards

Aetheric crystalline elemental shards are used for many crafting disciplines. They may have even more uses in future updates.They are the first of three elemental crafting catalyst. It is first shards, than crystals, and finally clusters.
Shards can be found by killing certain monsters, mining and other disciplines of land, and even crafted by alchemist. There are six elements of shards. They are fire shards, ice shards, wind shards, earth shards, lightning shards, and water shards.

Finding Shards

Ice Shards can be easily obtained and farmed by a Lv1 botanists in Central Shroud.
Wind Shards are the usually plentiful. They can be for any Lv1 discipline of land.
Fire Shards are found best through mining Western Thanalan (x26 y26)
Earth Shards can be gathered by a level one botanists right outside the Yellow Serpent Gate.
Water Shards can be found by many Water Sprites near bodies of water throughout the world.

Monster Locations:
Lightning Shards: Lightning Sprite Lv10 to Lv14 – Quarterstone, Western La Noscea.
Water Shards: Water Sprites low Lv – Central Shroud
Wind Shards: Wind Sprites Lv4 – Cedarwood, Lower La Noscea (x:28 y:20)

Mining Locations:
(see full mining guide with items)
Fire Shards: Western & Thanalan
Ice Shards: Western La Noscea; South Shroud (unconfirmed)
Wind Shards: Central & Northern Thanalan
Earth Shards: Upper La Noscea
Lightning Shards: Central & Southern Thanalan
Water Shards: Eastern La Noscea; Western Thanalan

Botanist Locations:
Fire Shard: Middla La Noscea
Ice Shard: Western La Noscea, Central Shroud, South Shroud, Coerthas.
Wind Shard: Central Shroud, East Shroud.
Earth Shard: Lower La Noscea, North Shroud.
Lightning Shard: Central Thanalan
Water Shard: Eastern La Noscea

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