Duty, Honor, Country – Instance Battle Quest

This is a two part instant battle fighting along side Owyne against Garbain, and afterward fighting the Masked Mage. To turn in the quest, go to the Hustings Strip in Ul’dah. The easiest route is to take an Aethernet Shard point to the Alchemists’ Guild.

Fight 1: Garbain and Army
In this fight it is important for you to help defeat the army, not the main boss. Freeing up the other allies will guarantee a win. After defeating Garbain’s Army A Blanca will arrive. focus on him as well. You can actually beat this without damaging the main boss

Fight 2: Masked Mage and Lesser Gargoyle
In this fight it is important to not even attack the Masked Mage until defeating the Lesser gargoyle so help arrives. If you do not hit him, he will not interfere or activate for the gargoyle fight.

Quest Giver:– Momodi ! Instanced Battle 68
Previous Quest: Secrets and Lies – Fufulupa
Next Quest: A Matter of Tradition – Owyne
Journal Place: Main Scenario Quest
Location: Central Thanalan

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Lv 16 Lesser Gargoyle
Lv 16 Masked Mage

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