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ffxiv patch 2 1

FFXIV 14: Patch 2.1 Details and News

As it gets closer to December 17th, 2013, we prepare for the next big patch for Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn. The new patch is a huge update that some have been waiting for. It will include a housing system for Free Companies, new pets, new endgame hard-mode instances and primals, and last but most patiently waited for, player versus player action. Yep that’s right, FFXIV is going pvp.

As we search for more information about patch 2.1, we will try to offer other sources and updates as they are announced.

See our page on some other changes as we review FFXIV patch 2.1!

A new video preview of the features of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Awoken 2.1

New post for Crystal Tower preview added.

Here are some of the updates said to be certain on Reddit. By user CrabCommander.

New Level 50 Content

  • Extreme Mode Primals
  • Good King Moggle Mog Primal
  • One Hard Mode Version of a Story Fight/Encounter
  • One new 4-8 man Level 50 Dungeon (Pharos Sirius)
  • Two Hard Mode Dungeons
  • Crystal Tower 24 Man Multi-Part Raid
  • One Other New Primal (Pushed to 2.2)

New Unknown Level Content

  • New FATES
  • New Questlines (Including Hildebrand returning)
  • Beastmen Daily Quests
  • Treasure Hunting


  • Wolves Den Arena PvP
    • 4v4 and 8v8 PvP


  • Three housing locations (See note at bottom of post)
  • Over 220+ Pieces of furniture/etc.
  • Multiple different settings/etc.
  • Three sizes (S/M/L)
  • FC Housing only

Duty Finder

  • Updates to include a board for seeking party/etc. for each individual server.
  • Dungeons/etc. Split up into categories.
  • Bonuses (Tomes) for joining ‘random’ dungeon selections in each category.
  • MVP System
  • Vote-Kick
  • Dungeon EXP Increased

Free Companies

  • Updates/Improvements to FC Bank
  • FC Alliances (Possibly pushed to 2.2)
  • Automatic FC Leadership Transfer for extended AFK time.

Beauty Salon

  • New Hairstyles/Facepaint options
  • Ability to change Hairstyle/etc. on whim.


  • Balance Changes (See note at bottom of post)
    • WAR Buffs
    • DRG Adjustments
    • Melee Buffs/Adjustments to fights to help Melee
    • BRD Nerfs
    • Adjustments to cross-class skills
  • UI Updates/Fixes
    • Multiple PS3 Updates
    • Fixes to Focus Target Bar
    • Inventory Sorting
    • Improvements to Camera handling
    • Better item comparisons (Might be pushed to 2.2)
    • Bunch of other stuff
  • Food bonuses no longer fade upon death.

Note on Extra Primal : Confirmed to either be Leviathan, Shiva, or Ramuh. Some argument exists on which of these it will be. There is also argument currently on whether this is planned for 2.1 or 2.2

Note on Balance Changes : Items in the Balance Changes section come from the latest Live Letter, and while these were stated explicitly, it was under comment that the specifics are still in flux, so some may be added or removed as they feel the need.

Note on FC Housing Locations : There are conflicting sources on whether this will be Limsa Lominsa’s housing area only, or all three housing areas.

New Minions and Pets Collection Video!

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