Black Shroud & Gridania SideQuests

Many sidequest are available for all levels in Black Shroud. It is also the starting area for lancers, archers, and conjurers. However many not from Gridania may want to travel there for the extra quest experience and achievements.
Check Here for Starting Quests Order for Gridania, with class and main quests.

Central Shroud Quests

Passing Muster Lv. 5
Idle Initiatives Lv. 5 – Tsubh Khamazom
Eggs Over Queasy Lv. 6
More Than a Flesh Wound Lv. 7
An Eft for Effort Lv. 7
Splitting Shells Lv. 7 – Maurelin
Surveying the Damage Lv. 8
Parasite Cleave Lv. 4
Soil Despoilers Lv. 8
Butcher of Greentear Lv. 9
A Soldier’s Breakfast Lv. 9
Feeding Time Lv. 10
Not a Material Girl Lv. 10
You Shall Not Trespass Lv. 10
Look, but Won’t Touch Lv. 10
Not A Materiel Girl Lv. 10
Don’t Look Down Lv. 11
In the Grim Darkness of the Forest Lv. 11
Threat Level Elevated Lv. 11
Walking the Planks Lv. 11
Extending Fences Lv. 11
Migrant Marauders Lv. 12
If Ye Break Faith Lv. 12
Favor for the Fisherwoman Lv. 12
Ruffled Feathers Lv. 12
Sting in a Bottle Lv. 12
Skeletons in My Deepcroft Lv. 13
A Hearer is Often Late Lv. 13
Salvaging the Scene Lv. 13
Slimy Hollows Lv. 13
Lights Out Lv. 13
Leia’s Legacy Lv. 14

Sorrel Haven
Fungal Frolic Lv. 29 Marcette
Shocking Discoveries Lv. 29 – Marcette
Doing the Dirty Work Lv. 29 – Marcette
In Too Deep Lv. 29 – Hobriaut

East Shroud Quests

Leves of Hawthorne
Meat of the Matter
A Porcine Plight Lv. 21 – Ameexia
Sylph Says
Buzz Kill

Hawthorne Hut
The Replacement Culler Lv. 20 – Florimond
Swinophobia Lv. 20 – Piralnaut
Stand-In Sentry Lv. 20 – Piralnaut
Roof Riders Lv. 21 – Blaisette

Little Solace
Threads Unraveled Lv. 21 – Ameexia
The Blood Prince Lv. 24 – Knolexia

Sanctum of the Twelve
Windy Wedding Lv. 43 – Elfeda

North Shroud Quests

Jumping at Shadows Lv. 5
A Nose Knows Lv. 5
A Glim Harvest Lv. 5
The Valued Vilekin Lv. 6
A Clear Sign Lv. 6
Death to the Bean Theives Lv. 6
No Quarter Given Lv. 7
Hematophagic Harassment Lv. 7
Harriers of the Hedgetree :v. 8
Drink Your Beans, Dear Lv. 8
The Kingdom of Strangers Lv. 9

 South Shroud Quests

Buscarron’s Druthers Quests
Cloven-hoofed Horrors Lv. 22
The Trees Have Eyes Lv. 22
No Guts, No Glory Lv. 22
Occupational Hazards Lv. 22
Potsherds for Posterity Lv. 22
Stash Saboteur Lv. 22
Enemy Mine Lv. 23
Shadows of the Empire Lv. 24

Quarrymill Quests
Leves of Quarrymill Lv. 20
Savage Snares Lv. 26
Forest Law Lv. 26
An Apple A Day Lv. 26
A Bumper Crop Lv. 26
Wretched Hive of Villainy Lv. 26
In Grandfather’s Name Lv. 26
The Marvelous Mun-Tuy Bean Lv. 26
Masher for a Day Lv. 26

Gridania Quests

I Am Millicent Hear Me Roar Lv. 1
A Good Adventurer is Hard to Find Lv. 1
Incense and Sensibility Lv. 1
Coarse Correspondence Lv. 1
Preserving the Past Lv. 1
For Friendship Lv. 2
Covered in Roses Lv. 2
Sylphic Gratitude Lv. 2
Parsemontrenomics Lv. 2
Quarrels with Squirrels Lv. 3
Once Bitten, Twice Shy Lv. 3
Essential Oil Lv. 3
To the Bannok Lv. 4
A Hard Nut to Crack Lv. 4
Derision of Labor Lv. 47
Population Control Lv. 4
Leves if Bentbranch Lv. 10
On to Bentbranch Lv, 10
Call of the Desert Lv. 16
Broadening Horizons Lv. 29
Beneath the Planks Lv. 29 – Roustebant (NG x8 y13)

Quest Chain Gridania to East Shroud Lv. 43
Adventurer for Hire Lv. 43 – Selaine
Some Seedy Business Lv. 43 Jeurand (East Shroud)
This One’s for the Lovers Lv. 43 – Kain (East Shroud)
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Black Shroud SideQuests
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