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Botanists Key Stats

Gathering: Allow more successful harvests by percentage.
Perception: Raised chance of high quality item drops.

FFXIV: A Realm Reborn Botany Guide

Being one of the only three farming professions, botanists are a necessity for many disciplines of hand and other professions, specially weavers, leatherworkers and culinarians. Botanists harvest plentiful and rare flowers, herbs, logs and more. This Botany Guide is for a quick reference of items and harvest locations.

Leveling a Botanist in FFXIV

Botany is a worthwhile discipline to have. Almost everything you harvest is useful, and the items you find can be worth much gil on the market. Leveling can persist of levequests or running area to area. Being a discipline of land, it is much like mining or fishing.
Botanists Level 1 – 10
While botanist leveling one through ten you can stay in any starting area, preferably Central Shroud. Collecting new items and crafting materials grant bonus experience so be sure to explore. Completing your Botanist Quest will grant extra experience and give leveling more of a goal at early stages.
Botanist Level 10 – 20
At this point you can find more Levequests to level quicker. Botany Levequests are given by Levemetes, near the town with the appropriate level. Be sure to check vendors and hand disciplines for better gear by level 15.

  Botany Leveling Tips:
!Note! Fieldcraft Leves are a huge boost in leveling botany. Starting these around level 11-13 will greatly speed up your experience hunting. But you may not get the items you want. Fieldcraft Leves may be found around any Battlecraft Levemetes and have matching levels.
1. Perception is everything: Botany perception boost the chance of HQ(high quality) items and a big boost in experience points.
2. Explore new paths. Finding new harvest areas helps the leveling process by adding bonus experience to new finds, and giving appropriate harvest level.
3. Be sure to keep you gear up to level, and food with farming bonus stats.
4. Black Shroud seems to be the fullest area with plenty of types of harvesting locations.
5. Fieldcraft Leves are a great way to level quickly and change up routine.

Key Items Found with Botanist:
Ash Log | Maple Log | Cotton Boll

Botanist Quest

Level 1: Way of the Botanist

FFXIV: A Realm Reborn – Botany Harvest Location List

This lists includes known patch location coordinates, and contents of each patch.
Harvest item levels reflects the experience botanist get.

North Shroud (x29 y26) Level 5 Mature Trees:
Earth Shard Level 1
Latex Level 1
Maple Log Level 3
Maple Branch level 5

North Shroud (x26 y27) Level 5 Mature Trees:
Earth Shard Level 1
Maple Sap Level 2
Cinnamon Level 4
Beehive Chip level 5

Central Shroud (x22 y17) Level 5 Mature Trees:
Wind Shard Level 1
Ice Shard Level 1
Latex Level 1
Allagan Snail Level 2
Maple Log Level 3
Maple Branch Level 5

Central Shroud (x22 y23) Level 15 Lush Vegetation Patch:
Wind Shard Level 1
Chanterelle Level 11
Lavender Level 12
Carnation Level 13
Cotton Boll Level 14

Central Thanalan (x22 y22) Level 20 Mature Trees:
lightning Shard Level 1
Nopales Level 18

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