The Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn /Emotes Page

Quest with Emotes:
Reasonable /Doubt

FFXIV:ARR Emote Tips:
Typing in a built-in emote with the word “motion” after it will perform the emote without putting text into the chat log.
Typing a built-in emote with the word “text” after it will display the text in the chat log without performing the motion.
Custom emotes will be available.

Currently Known FFXIV Emotes:
/airquotes (I “like” this one)
/alert (whos there)
/amazed (wowwed)
/annoyed (really?)
/angry (U Mad)
/beckon (c’mere)
/blowkiss (mwah xx)
/blush (embarrassed much?)
/bow (honor)
/cheer (yippie)
/chuckle (lol)
/clap (applaud)
/comfort (there there now)
/congratulate (GRATS!)
/cry (no woman no cry)
/Dance (You can if you want to)
/deny (Hell No!)
/disappointed (…)
/doubt (All signs point to nope)
/doze (I’m fallin asleep here)
/examineself (full of it much?)
/fume (fumin)
/furious (anger)
/goodbye (bye bye!)
/grin (smug or mischievous smile)
/grovel (aww)
/happy (joy joy)
/huh (wat?)
/joy (happy happy)
/kneel ( yes milady)
/laugh (lol)
/lookout (look around)
/me (this guy)
/no (no)
/ouch (band aid)
/panic (the worst time)
/point (look at that)
/poke (hey)
/pose (check me out)
/pray (please)
/psych (you can do it!)
/rally (its go time)
/sad (don’t be)
/salute (aye aye cap’n)
/scared (I aint)
/shocked (I’d never)
/shrug (eh, whatever)
/shuteyes (relax)
/sit (and chill)
/smile 🙂
/smirk (okay another way to 🙂
/soothe (shhh…)
/stagger (okay)
/straighface (can u keep it?)
/stretch (do this before battle)
/sulk (sad much?)
/surprised (wow!)
/think (ponder)
/thumbsup (give it two)
upset (emotional game huh?)
/visor (idk)
/wave (wave)
/worried (you never know)
/yes (yes)

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