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FFXIV A Realm Reborn Quests

Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn launches August 27th, 2013 with plenty of Quests. As you progress through the game, you will notice quests chains, side quests, and eventually special instance quests and group quests. Your starting area will determine your first quests. Although, many of the starting quests are similar and connect to the same main story-line.

Quest by Starting Area:
Gridania | Ul’dah | Limsa Lominsa

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Quest Journal

This is our FFXIV: A Realm Reborn (work in progress) Quest Journal. This list is compiled of the main character I play, which started in Gridania.

Main Scenario Quests:

To Unlock major parts of the main story and gameplay in Final Fanstasy XIV, it is required to at least do a few important quests. Luckily, most of them if not all are all in one main quest chain with 3 routes for the starting levels. He are some of the Main Scenario Quests we have seen.

Chapter One

Close to Home Lv.1 (Limsa Lominsa)
Coming to Gridania Lv. 1 (Black Shroud)
Coming to Ul’dah Lv. 1 (Thanalan)

We Must Rebuild Lv. 4 (Thanalan)
Chasing Shadows Lv. 5 (Gridania)
Nothing to See Here Lv. 5 (Thanalan)
Underneath the Sultantree Lv. 5 FFXIV quest (Instance Battle, Central Thanalan)
Step Nine Lv. 6 (Thanalan)
Disorderly Conduct Lv. 7 (Thanalan)
Until a Quieter Time Lv. 8 (Thanalan)
Prudence at this Junction Lv. 8 (Thanalan)
Out of House and Home Lv. 9 (Thanalan)
Spriggan Cleaning Lv. 9 (Thanalan)
Way Down in the Hole Lv. 9 (Thanalan)
Spirithold Broken Lv. 9 (Gridania)
Takin What They’re Givin’ Lv. 10 (Thanalan)
Supply and Demands Lv. 10 (Thanalan)
Give it to Me Raw Lv. 10 (Thanalan)
The Perfect Swarm Lv. 11 (Thanalan)
Last Letter to Lost Hope Lv. 11 (Thanalan)
Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow Lv. 12(Thanalan)
Passing the Blade Lv. 12 (Thanalan)
Following Footfalls Lv. 13 (Thanalan)
Storms on the Horizon Lv. 13 (Thanalan)
Compulsory Catering Lv. 13 (Thanalan)
Oh Captain, My Captain Lv. 14 (Thanalan)
Secrets and Lies Lv. 14 (Thanalan)
Duty, Honor, Country – Momodi Lv. 14  FFXIV quest (Instance Battle, Central Thanalan)
A Matter of Tradition Lv. 14 (Thanalan)
A Royal Reception Lv. 14 (Thanalan)
Dread is in the Air Lv. 14 (Gridania)
To Guard a Guardian Lv. 14 (Gridania)
Festive Endeavors Lv. 14 (Gridania)
Renewing the Covenant Lv. 14 (Gridania)

The Gridanian Envoy Lv. 15 (Gridania)
The Ul’dahn Envoy Lv. 15 (Thanalan)
The Limsa Lominsa Envoy, 15 (La Noscea)

Chapter Two

100 It’s Probably Pirates Lv. 15 – Baderon (Sastasha Seagrot Dungeon) 101
101 Call of the Forest Lv. 15 – Baderon) 102
102 Fire in the Gloom Lv. 16 – Miounne (Tam-Tara Deepcroft Dungeon) 103
103 Call of the Desert – Miounne 104
104 Into a Copper Hell Lv. 17 – Momodi (Copperbell Mines Dungeon)
The Scions of the Seventh Dawn Lv. 17
A Wild Rose by Any Other Name Lv. 17

Unsolved Mystery Lv. 17
What Poor People Think Lv. 18
A Proper Burial Lv. 18
For the Children Lv. 19
Amalj’aa Wrong Places Lv. 19
Dressed to Deceive Lv. 19
Life, Materia and Everything Lv. 19
Lord of the Inferno Lv. 20 – Minfilia FFXIV quest (Instance Battle, Trial)

A Hero in the Making Lv. 20 – Minfilia
The Company You Keep (Maelstrom, Twin Adder, or Immortal Flames) Lv. 20 – Officers
Till Sea Swallows All Lv. 20 (Maelstrom)
Sylph-management Lv. 20 – Minfilia
We Come in Peace Lv. 20 – Serpant Commander
Sylphic Studies Lv. 20 – Rolfe Hawthorne
First Impressions Lv. 20 – Rolfe Hawthorne
First Contact Lv. 21 – Rolfe Hawthorne
Dance Dance Diplomacy Lv. 21 – Yda
Forest Friend Lv. 21 – Papalymo
Presence of the Enemy Lv. 21 – Komuxio
Brotherly Love Lv. 22 – Komuxio (Instance Battle)
Spirited Away Lv. 22 – Komuxio
Druthers House Rules Lv. 22 – Buscarron
Never Forget Lv. 23 – Buscarron

Microbrewing Lv. 23 – Teteroon
Like Fine Wine Lv. 23 – Teteroon

Black Shroud & Gridania SideQuests

Many sidequest are available for all levels in Black Shroud. It is also the starting area for lancers, archers, and conjurers. However many not from Gridania may want to travel there for the extra quest experience and achievements.
Check Here for Starting Quests Order for Gridania, with class and main quests.

Central Shroud Quests

Passing Muster Lv. 5
Idle Initiatives Lv. 5
Eggs Over Queasy Lv. 6
More Than a Flesh Wound Lv. 7
An Eft for Effort Lv. 7
Splitting Shells Lv. 7
Surveying the Damage Lv. 8
Parasite Cleave Lv. 4
Soil Despoilers Lv. 8
Butcher of Greentear Lv. 9
A Soldier’s Breakfast Lv. 9
Feeding Time Lv. 10
Not a Material Girl Lv. 10
You Shall Not Trespass Lv. 10
Look, but Won’t Touch Lv. 10
Not A Materiel Girl Lv. 10
Don’t Look Down Lv. 11
In the Grim Darkness of the Forest Lv. 11
Threat Level Elevated Lv. 11
Walking the Planks Lv. 11
Extending Fences Lv. 11
Migrant Marauders Lv. 12
If Ye Break Faith Lv. 12
Favor for the Fisherwoman Lv. 12
Ruffled Feathers Lv. 12
Sting in a Bottle Lv. 12
Skeletons in My Deepcroft Lv. 13
A Hearer is Often Late Lv. 13
Salvaging the Scene Lv. 13
Slimy Hollows Lv. 13
Lights Out Lv. 13
Leia’s Legacy Lv. 14

East Shroud Quests

Leves of Hawthorne
Meat of the Matter
A Porcine Plight Lv. 21 – Ameexia
Sylph Says
Buzz Kill

North Shroud Quests

Jumping at Shadows Lv. 5
A Nose Knows Lv. 5
A Glim Harvest Lv. 5
The Valued Vilekin Lv. 6
A Clear Sign Lv. 6
Death to the Bean Theives Lv. 6
No Quarter Given Lv. 7
Hematophagic Harassment Lv. 7
Harriers of the Hedgetree :v. 8
Drink Your Beans, Dear Lv. 8
The Kingdom of Strangers Lv. 9


Buscarron’s Druthers Quests
Cloven-hoofed Horrors Lv. 22
The Trees Have Eyes Lv. 22
No Guts, No Glory Lv. 22
Occupational Hazards Lv. 22
Potsherds for Posterity Lv. 22
Stash Saboteur Lv. 22
Enemy Mine Lv. 23
Shadows of the Empire Lv. 24

Quarrymill Quests
Leves of Quarrymill Lv. 20
Savage Snares Lv. 26
Forest Law Lv. 26
An Apple A Day Lv. 26
A Bumper Crop Lv. 26
Wretched Hive of Villainy Lv. 26
In Grandfather’s Name Lv. 26
The Marvelous Mun-Tuy Bean Lv. 26
Masher for a Day Lv. 26

Gridania Quests

I Am Millicent Hear Me Roar Lv. 1
A Good Adventurer is Hard to Find Lv. 1
Incense and Sensibility Lv. 1
Coarse Correspondence Lv. 1
Preserving the Past Lv. 1
For Friendship Lv. 2
Covered in Roses Lv. 2
Sylphic Gratitude Lv. 2
Parsemontrenomics Lv. 2
Quarrels with Squirrels Lv. 3
Once Bitten, Twice Shy Lv. 3
Essential Oil Lv. 3
To the Bannok Lv. 4
A Hard Nut to Crack Lv. 4
Derision of Labor Lv. 47
Population Control Lv. 4
Leves if Bentbranch Lv. 10
On to Bentbranch Lv, 10
Call of the Desert Lv. 16

La Noscea & Limsa Lominsa SideQuest

Many sidequest are available for all levels in La Noscea. It is also the starting area for Arcanist and Marauders. However many not from Limsa Lominsa may want to travel there for the extra quest experience and achievements.
Check Here for Starting Quests Order for Limsa Lominsa, with class and main quests.

Upper La Noscea Quests

The Hottest of Box Lunches Lv. 23 – Gegeroon
Buried Truth Lv. 23 – Tanga Tonga

Lower La Noscea Quests

A Bridge to Full Lv. 11
What Counts Lv. 12
Failure to Launch Lv. 12
Nailed It Lv. 13
Constant Carvings Lv. 13
Forbidden Island Lv. 13
Say It with Flowers Lv. 13

Limsa Lominsa Quests

Proper Procedure Lv. 1
The Right Price Lv. 1
Duty Calls Lv. 1
I Stay the Streetlight Lv. 2
A Thousand Words Lv. 2

Thanalan & Ul’dah SideQuest

Many sidequest are available for all levels in Thanalan. It is also the starting area for Pugilists, Thaumaturges, and Gladiators. However many not from Thanalan may want to travel there for the extra quest experience and achievements.
Check Here for Starting Quests Order for Ul’dah, with class and main quests.

Central Thanalan Quests

The Slaying of the Shrews Lv. 6
Listen to Your Fish Lv. 7
The Tasting of the Shrews Lv. 7
Bloodied and Bowed Lv. 8
Sometimes the Old Ways Are Best Lv. 9
In the Court of the Rat King Lv. 9
Need Not Apply in Person Lv. 11
Fringe Benefits Lv. 12
Alternative Medicine Lv. 12

Eastern Thanalan Quests

Unsolved Mystery Lv. 17
What Poor People Think Lv. 18
A Proper Burial Lv. 18
For the Children Lv. 19
Amalj’aa Wrong Places Lv. 19

Southern Thanalan Quests

Little Ala Mhigo
Blast from the Past Lv 25 – Annabel
Bad Blood Lv 25 – Hihira
Prickly Patients Lv 25 – Hihira

What’s Your Poison Lv 27 – Amelot
Corpse Confrontation Lv 27 – Hremfing
Death from Above Lv 27 Amelot

Ul’dah Quests

No Lady Is An Island Lv. 1
The Great Gladiator Lv. 1
With Open Arms Lv. 1
Due Diligence Lv. 1
Motivational Speaking Lv. 1
Gil for Gold Lv. 1
Unholy Matrimony Lv. 1
Decisions, Decisions Lv. 2
Vox Populi Lv. 2
A Luxury Long Lost Lv. 2
The Wealth of Nations Lv. 2
Beet-red Beetled Beat Red Lv. 3
In the Name of Science Lv. 3
Catch Your breath Lv. 4
Tougher Than Leather Lv. 3
Fantastic Voyage Lv. 4
We Must Rebuild Lv. 4
Call to the Sea Lv. 15

Western Thanalan Quests

Nor Rain nor Heat nor Gloom of Night Lv. 4
A Dab’ll Do Ya Lv. 5
Ticked Off Lv. 5
I Believe You Can Fly Lv. 6
Reasonable /Doubt Lv. 6
Greasing the Cogs Lv. 7
Getting you Bearings Lv. 7
Color your World Lv. 15 (Dye Quests)

FFXIV questFFXIV Class Quests List:

Disciplines of War Class Quests

Way of the Archer Lv. 1
A Matter of Perspective Lv. 5
School of Hark Nocks Lv. 10
Violators Will Be Shot Lv. 15

Disciplines of Magic Class Quests

Way of the Arcanist Lv. 1
My First Grimoire Lv. 1

Way of the Conjurer Lv. 1

Way of the Thaumaturge Lv. 1
The Threat of Intimacy Lv. 5
The Threat of Paucity Lv. 10

Disciplines of Hand Class Quests

My First Saw Lv. 1
Way of the Carpenter Lv. 1
To BE the Wood Lv. 5
Supplies for the Sick Lv. 10
A Carpenter in Need Lv. 15

Disciplines of Land Class Quests

My First Hatchet Lv. 1
Way of the Botanist Lv. 1
Sap for Smiles Lv. 5
Weapons of a Feather Lv. 10

Way of the Miner Lv. 1
My First Pickaxe Lv. 1
Know Thy Land Lv. 5
The Cutting Edge Lv. 10
Getting in Deep Lv. 15

FFXIV LeveQuests List

Levequests are given by Levemetes inside all major cities, and other major areas, such Brentbranch and Swiftperch.
Also there are special company levequests after choosing a company.
Grand Company Leve Officer Locations:
Moraby Drydocks, Lower La Noscea,
Hawthorne Hut East Shroud,
Camp Drybone, Eastern Thanalan.

Battlecraft Leves:

Can’t Say No to Gnat Lv. 15
The Transporter Lv. 15
Monkey Business Lv. 15
Stew for Two Lv. 15
A Guest for Supper Lv. 15

What Peistes Crave Lv. 10
Reeking Havoc Lv. 10
Beak to Beak Lv. 10
From Ruins to Riches Lv. 10
Out of Body, Out of Mind Lv.
You Cannot Kill the Metal Lv. 10

Grabbing Crabs Lv. 10
No Egg to Stand On Lv. 10
The Sprite of Competition Lv. 10
Shock Therapy Lv. 10
A Tall Odor Lv. 10

Company Leves:

Lower La Noscea (Eugene at Drydocks, x:23 , y:35)
Victory IS Mine, Not Yours Lv. 20
The Creep from Work Lv. 20
Throw the Book at Him Lv. 20

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