The Grand Companies of FFXIV

the grand companies
Along with races, disciplines, and cities, after reaching level 20 you can join what is know as the Grand Companies of Eorzea in Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn. These companies value true warriors, and reward them with tokens for unique mounts, equipment, and other gear. You can choose only one Grand Company at a time. They are not life long, however restarting with a new Grand Company can set you back.

The Grand Companies

The Maelstrom – The Grand Company of Limsa Lominsa

Limsa Lominsa’s Grand Company, The Maelstrom, are a rebellious group of pirates with the hardest struggles and most enemies of any Grand Company. Led by Merlwyb, The Maelstrom fight and stand for freedom with honor.
Unlike other Grand Companies, The Maelstrom has two enemies, The Sahagin beast tribe of Leviathan and the Kobolds beast tribe of Titan. Also the are the closest to the Garlean Empire, a threat to all allied cities.

The Order of The Twin Adder – The Grand Company of Gridania

In Gridania the main Grand Company is The Order of The Twin Adder. Currently led by supreme commander Kan-E-Senna, The Order of the Twin Adder started with the unity of Hyur and Elezen races in Black Shroud, as represented in their banner. Their local enemy is the Ixal beast tribe of Ramuh, led by Garuda.
Patron: Light of Matron.

The Immortal Flames – The Grand Company of Ul’dah

In Uldah the main Grand Company is The Immortal Flames. Ruled by the Ul Dynasty and fronted by Flame General Raubahn, The Immortal Flames are are mighty and prosperous people, who believe in strength and wealth. They fight to keep Ul’dah united and strong. Their local enemy is the Amal’jaa best tribe, followers of Ifrit.
Patron: Nald’thal

Grand Company Seals:
After choosing a Grand Company,You will be able to get the quest: My Little Chocobo, which will allow you to complete FATES company quests, company hunting objectives, or supply and provisioning missions, and earn company seals and also a mount. Also you can complete company leves to earn seals.

Grand Company Leve Officer Locations:
Moraby Drydocks, Lower La Noscea,
Hawthorne Hut East Shroud,
Camp Drybone, Eastern Thanalan.

The Grand Companies Quests:

Following the Main Scenario Quest, you will receive the “A Hero in the Making” Quest, allowing you to be introduced to the three Grand Companies of Eorzea. And at the end, you will get to choose one Grand Company to stick with.
A Hero in the Making Lv. 20 – Minfilia
The Company You Keep (Maelstrom, Twin Adder, or Immortal Flames) Lv. 20 – Officers

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