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Hunt is on for Bigfoot In GTA 5

New update Bigfoot seen! see bottom of post!bigfoot in gta 5

One of the biggest myths in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was the existence of Bigfoot. It seems this myth has rolled of to Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTAV). Rockstar Games are known for having awesome and well hidden easter eggs. So it will be no surprise if Bigfoot does exist, and will be found in GTA5. As of now it is still considered a myth.
grand theft auto five bigfoot highly wanted

GTA 5 clues of Bigfoot

What evidence do we have Bigfoot exists? Well right now we don’t even have a blurry picture, but hope to see a screenshot soon. The first clue comes from the hype of Bigfoot in previous games, it seems likely that Rockstar Games would make the effort to wow and impress its fans by adding Bigfoot. A second clue is how large the map is for GTAV. Blaine County is beyond huge, and gives our furry friend plenty of hiding and roaming room. But the biggest clue comes in the fact Bigfoots image can be seen on partol cars in game. Rather this is a big hint or Rockstar is messing with the fans of Grand Theft Auto.
bigfoot on patrol car gta5

Where to look for Bigfoot in GTA 5

We don’t even know where to begin looking, but believe he is going to be hiding around Trevor’s starting point, or somewhere in Blaine County. Wherever Bigfoot is it is probably distant and empty, most likely not next to any Spaceship Parts. Unless that’s how he got here. We will keep you updated on new findings and clues. Also doing it solo may be impossible if Bigfoot is alerted by your existence. It seems it may take a whole search party in multiplayer online mode to find Bigfoot.

Some may say that adding Bigfoot, Aliens, and other myths to the game takes away from the realistic viewpoint. But I personally believe games are made to experience things we can’t in real life, such as being uber rich and killing mobs daily. Also GTA has been known for being goofy and humorous. If you don’t think so please see the original two GTA games.

I think Bigfoot is blurry that’s the problem. It’s not the photographers fault. And thats extra scary to me.” – Mitch Hedberg

Latest on Bigfoot Hunt, Thermal vision Mission Sees Bigfoot

I’ve seen it myself and it is online, bigfoot can be seen from above during the mission Predator. You can even replay it to get a better look. You can find Bigfoot with your thermal scope, and then se some of his body. But if he hanhs around that area and can be seen up-close is still uncertain.
bigfoot in gta 5

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