Aliens in Grand Theft Auto Five

There is no cover up to the fact that there are aliens in GTAV. In fact there are plenty of hints ans secrets that confirm there are. But it is still to early in game release to confirm how much of a role they play. But there are already a few missions and clues discovered about there little green men.

GTAV Puts Alien in First Mission: Prologue

Some people have already found out that in the first mission of GTAV you can run under the train bridge and find a frozen dead alien stuck in the ice. It is fairly creepy and a strange place for the extraterrestrial. But it also immediately confirms that aliens do exist in the game. Even though they are out there, or here, we have yet to hear of anyone meeting them face to face… sober.
alien in gtav easter egg

GTAV Underwater Alien Spaceship

Giving a small clue yet again of the existence of aliens in Grand Theft Auto Five, people have started reporting finding a spaceship underwater off the coast of Los Santos. Also it is said the location is printed on special edition maps, seen only under UV light. This has been confirmed.
under water spaceship gtav easter egg

GTAV Alien Map Found

Seeing this map first hand made it undeniable that aliens will continue to play a role in Grand Theft Auto Five. This map found on top of the mountain next to the skylift, has many clues of alien easter eggs. Most importantly is the items on the bottom of the map. If you get a good look you may notice a spaceship, a cracked egg, and what looks like a rocket pack.
spaceship map gtav easter egg
Of course, this is only the beginning.
Many more Easter eggs and secrets are to be found in Grand Theft Auto Five. And surely some will contain aliens. We will continue to update as word gets out.

UFO in GTA 5 Confirmed
Recent post around the web have reported that if you complete GTA 5’s 100% completion checklists you can visit and see a UFO. However you cannot steal it and drive it. But many still believe there will be a way to obtain your own personal UFO.

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