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Bounty Hunter Mission 01: Ralph Ostrowski in the Quarry

Ralph Ostrowski is the first bail bond jumper mission given by Maude. He is hiding in the middle of The Quarry, east across from the first Chinese Mission.

To start the mission, as soon as you begin playing as Trevor go to the first question mark you get and talk to Maude. She will inform you to look for a bail jumper named Ralph Ostrowski. To find him go east on you map past the T and C symbol on your map. He will be in a large rock pit next to a van.
Bounty Hunter Mission 01 Ralph Ostrowski in the Quarry
Catching the Bail Jumper. Once you approach Ralph Ostrowski he will attempt to run. To catch him take him out of his van, or bash it until he gets out. You want to keep the bail jumper alive for more cash and mission pass.

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