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Bounty Hunter Mission 03: Glenn Scoville

Glenn Scoville is the third bail bond jumper mission given by Maude. Glen Scoville is at the Mount Chiliad Mountan Peaks. In the order of missions on this site, this is the first parachute mission.

To start the mission. After completing the first two bounties and doing a few side missions for Trevor, Maude should email you info on an extreme layer wanted for bail bonds. The quickest and easiest way to get to him is to go to the cable car and ride to the top. In  Once on top on  mount Chiliad, go to the road next to the cable car and walk south. you will see Glenn Scoville there talking to a friend.
Note: Be sure to get the parachute near the cable to save time.
Bounty Hunter Mission 03 Glenn Scoville
Catching the Bail Jumper. When you get close to Glenn Scoville he will immediately jump of the cliff. Jump and open your parachute to follow Scoville. When he lands he be on foot. Run up to him and he won’t resist much, so then journey towards Maude to finish the quest.

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