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Bounty Hunter Mission 04: Curtis Weaver

Curtis Weaver is the fourth bail bond jumper mission given by Maude. Curtis Weaver is at the Mount Chiliad Mountan Peaks. In the order of missions on this site, this is the first parachute mission.

To start the mission. This mission is given by Maude before starting the mission the main Trevor mission Friends United. Drive to the marked location below and look for a square tunnel in a wall beside the freeway. The tunnel will have a blue sigh saying “Dignity Village”.
Note: Curtis is an old man with a black tank top and suspenders.
Bounty Hunter Mission 04 Curtis WeaverCatching the Bail Jumper. This mission only requires capturing the bail bond jumper by going to his homeless hang out. There he will be surround by a few people, but only 2-3 will help him resists.  Curtis Weaver himself will only look at you and run. Same as all bounties this far, shoot him or drive him back to Maude for more money.

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