Strippers of GTA V

Strippers of GTA V
Sex and prostitutes have always been a big controversy when it comes to Grand Theft Auto video games. But that doesn’t keep Rockstar Games from pushing the limits. IN GTA V they have added a whole new element of sexy game play be adding interactive strip clubs. Full on with strippers who dance for you, talk to you, and even in some cases, go home with you.

When going to strip clubs in GTA 5 you can interact in many ways. You can watch the show and throw dollar bills or make it rain. You can get a private dance with any stripper you impress, which can get pretty dirty for a video game. In fact some of the videos have been deemed so sexual with too much offensive nudity that they have been removed from YouTube.

Sex with strippers in GTA 5

Here is one of the many videos on YouTube about having sex with strippers in GTA V. We’ll see how long it stays up.

Pictures of Strippers in GTA V

We are considering making a list of strippers with names and pics in GTA V. However its not yet positive how offensive all this may really be. Until we decide atleast here is some pictures of stippers in game (no nudes).
Strippers of GTA (1)

Strippers of GTA V (3)

Strippers of GTA V (4)

Strippers of GTA V (5)

Strippers of GTA V(2)

Strippers of GTA V(6)

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