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gta 5 masks

GTA 5 Mask Shop Info and Location

To get a mask in GTA 5 you must first do the mission “Masks”. To get the mission you must have started prep work for the third heist by starting Blitz Play: Intro. It is about the 31st mission.
gta 5 mask shop
The first mask shop (may be only) in game is on Vespucci Beach, on the beach strip. The mask shop is called Vespucci Movie Masks, and is next to where the Daddy’s Little Girl mission takes place with Michael. The shop has twenty-one masks for sale, listed below.
gta 5 mask shop location

Types of Mask in GTA 5

Green Monster Mask 270
Red Monster Mask 270
Pig Mask 200
Dark Pig Mask 200
Silver Skull Mask 350
Bone Skull Mask 350
Space Monkey Mask 450
White Hockey Mask 500
Red Hockey Mask 500
Ape Mask 50
Dark Ape Mask 50
Carnival Orange Mask 99
Carnival White Mask99
Carnival Blue Mask99
Red Wrestler Mask 125
Green Wrestler Mask 150
Patriot Wrestler Mask 175
Domino Wrestler Mask 85
Gray Wrestler Mask 150
Phoenix Wrestler Mask 175

Here are a few mask pictures thanks to Rockstar Games Social Club
GTA 5 bone skull mask gta 5 freak mask GTA 5 phoenix wrestler mask GTA 5 red demon mask