Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill Missions

After finishing the mission Friends Reunited Trevor will be able to go and meet Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill. Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill will give you the mission Vinewood Souvenirs, a six part mission to collect celebrity items.

1. Vinewood Souvenirs: Kerry
When you approach Kerry McIntosh her dog Dexie gets scared and runs off. Chase after Dexie and stay as close as you can. Dexie runs up toward the fire station and stops next to the firetruck. When you approach Dexie there will be a cutscene.
Gold Medal Requirements:
Hot on the Paws- Stay close to Dexie throughout the chase.

2. Vinewood Souvenirs: Mark – The Golf Club
Drive through the golf course straight to the orange circle. Use a sniper rifle to take out Mark then get back in the car and run over the three security guards. If you are spotted before you shoot Mark he will flee in the golf cart and his guards start shooting at you, then you will have to chase him through the golf course. Grab the club and leave quickly to avoid cops.
Gold Medal Requirements:
Under Par- Collect the golf club within 30 seconds,
Hole in One- Kill Mark with a head shot,
FOUR!- Kill Mark and his 3 security guards.

3. Vinewood Souvenirs: Tyler – Clothes
When you get to Tyler’s house sneak around back to the pool. Grab Tyler’s clothes sitting on the lawn chair. If you are spotted Tyler will call the cops. Leave the scene immediately.
Gold Medal Requirements:
Weed Killer- Take out the gardener with a stealth attack,
Pilferer- Steal the clothes without being detected.

4. Vinewood Souvenirs: Willy
Enter the Tequi-La-La nightclub and head downstairs. Willy is standing next to the stage talking to a woman. Beat him up until you knock his tooth out. Pick up the tooth and leave the area quickly so you’re not seen by cops.
Gold Medal Requirements:
Fist Fury- Take no damage during the fight with Willy,
Entourage- Talk to the entourage. 

5. Vinewood Souvenirs: Al Di Napoli
When you approach Nigel he is looking around the corner and noticed Al Di Napoli. Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill want to talk to him but Al notices the couple and speeds away in his SUV. Get in Nigel’s car and follow him for a while. You eventually chase him through a hospital and jump three stories down. It ends with a cutscene in which Al Di Napoli is unconscious from the jump so Trevor shoves him in the trunk of Nigel’s car for the couple to take to their lockup.
Gold Medal Requirements:
Stalker- Stay close to Al Di Napoli throughout the chase
Accident and Emergency- Avoid hitting anyone in the hospital
Not a Scratch- Complete with minimal damage to Nigel’s car.

6. Vinewood Souvenirs: The Last Act
Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill are having problems with Al Di Napoli and ask Trevor to help. Al is in the trunk, get in the car and follow the yellow route. Al Di Napoli will plead for you to let him go. However it is required you kill him to receive gold medal. If you do let him go he will give you money.
Gold Medal Requirements:
Skin of Your Teeth- Exit the car just before the train hits
Locomotivation- Kill Al Di Napoli using the train

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