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In GTA 5 Online you only start off with your free pistol from Lamar, but unlike Grand Theft Auto Five story mode, it can be quite difficult to acquire new weapons and ammo. Luckily there are a few ways around that.

One of the first things I noticed playing GTA 5 Online is that some missions gives weapons you cannot find in game. When you do your first Death Match you may notice you can find weapons on the map. Any weapons you find in missions you will be able to keep until killed, or possibly logging out (unconfirmed).

However, I noticed the best way to get weapons that are unavailable to your rank on GTA 5 Online. Join a survival mode, which you may need someone higher rank to queue at first. When I did my first survival missions, running a few times, I left with a grenade launcher, a couple types of all guns, and even more ammo. Now be warned, if you run out of bullets you may lose your weapon. Luckily, some weapons use the same bullets as higher level weapons, making it possible to keep ammo stocked.

So if you highly geared out with weapons, be sure not to die if possibly. I know, easier said than done. But it is easier armed to the teeth. Also be sparing in the player map of using the weapons, since they are limited. But you can always go back for more.

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Although there is no one quick and easy way to run through GTA 5 Online, there are a few ways to quickly get what you need for now. Every walkthrough for games usually have a leveling guide, but I’m surprised to be working on one for GTA. But glad this game offer so much. Here is a list of how to quickly get what you need, and start getting ganstafied on GTA 5 Online.

Building Rep Points – Parachute & Survival Missions with friends/crew
Gaining Extra Cash – Robbing stores, stealing cars, and all missions (except parachute missions)
Getting more Weapons – Gain ranks to get more ammo, survival mission to get unavailable weapons.

Building Reputation Points (Leveling) Quickly

Reputation Points are basically your experience points in GTA 5. Gaining levels (or ranks) through rep points will unlock new missions and weapons. Also I believe new properties and cars may become available.

This is the hardest of all things to do quickly in GTA 5, or more like most time consuming. You can go up and past rank 125, so you could be leveling your rank in GTA 5 online for quite a while. To quickly get started be sure to finish your tutorial missions, then continue to finish missions for Lester and Lamar until opening up the full game. At that point you will have many options on what to do. Continually playing missions such as races, death-matches, and assigned missions will build your rep points, but I have noticed a few ways to get more faster.

Survival missions give much experience or rep points. I have gone up half a level a run, but some people believe the parachute missions online are faster. I believe it is both. Doing parachute missions until reaching higher rank, around level 15, will get you to survival challenges quicker. The hardest part of quickly leveling ranks this way is waiting for other players if not running with a crews.

Also running with crew members allows quicker leveling. If you are with crew members you get 30% more cash and reputation points, making it a strong advantage to quickly leveling ranks. On down time, you can continue your leveling by Surviving cop chases, winning gang and one on one battled, and finding cars for Simeon.

I hope this helps you level faster or at least give you an idea of what your in for. Also check out our page on getting cash on GTA 5 Online.

Missions | Locations | Heists | Businesses | People

gta 5 guide and info

GTA 5 Online – signed in and playing

Currently PS3 is having problem signing on, not Xbox 360, the below is for PS3
Today I was able to start playing GTA 5 online by being prompt to download the patch when selecting the game, then pushing x to switch from story mode to online when loading. This allowed me to create a character but not stay logged in and connect. Continue reading

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secrets and easter eggs of GTAV

Jesus Found in GTA 5

We all expected to find big easter eggs in GTA 5, but I don’t think anyone expected the game Grand Theft Auto to have a hidden character who seems suspiciously somewhat like Jesus Christ. But I don’t know if they did it to push any limits or just as a joke towards religion in video games. He has a beard and sandals and talk about his dad in a strange burned out way. Such as how his dad was meaner before he came along. Continue reading

Stunt Jumps in GTA 5 Guide

Why do stunt jumps in GTA 5? Because you need all 50 stunt jumps to get the %100 percent completion.
And they are awesome and give cool slow motion shots of the jumps.

So we decided to start a GTA 5 Stunt Jumps page, a work in progress, as we find them throughout the game. But incase you don’t want to what on our slow butts, we have added this cool map and video explaining where all the jumps are in GTA 5.

Cool Map of GTA 5 Stunt Jumps thanx to
GTA 5 Stunt Jump Map
Even more helpful to completing the GTA 5 Stunt Jumps achievement is this video found on YouTube.

But we will get started on more specific locations and add them as we go.

GTA 5 Stunt Jump Locations

1. The Bridge on Pillbox Hill
Located in downtown Los Santos, this jump requires driving up the bridge and through the 3 way stop on top.
gta 5 stunt jump one

2. Bike Stunt Jump at Paleto Bay
This stunt jump can best be done by doing the Strangers and Freaks Mission “Exercising Demons – Franklin in Northern Blaine County. It is on a road at the northern tip of the map and is also best done on some type of bike.
gta 5 stunt jump two

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GTA 5 Mask Shop Info and Location

To get a mask in GTA 5 you must first do the mission “Masks”. To get the mission you must have started prep work for the third heist by starting Blitz Play: Intro. It is about the 31st mission.
gta 5 mask shop
The first mask shop (may be only) in game is on Vespucci Beach, on the beach strip. The mask shop is called Vespucci Movie Masks, and is next to where the Daddy’s Little Girl mission takes place with Michael. The shop has twenty-one masks for sale, listed below.
gta 5 mask shop location

Types of Mask in GTA 5

Green Monster Mask 270
Red Monster Mask 270
Pig Mask 200
Dark Pig Mask 200
Silver Skull Mask 350
Bone Skull Mask 350
Space Monkey Mask 450
White Hockey Mask 500
Red Hockey Mask 500
Ape Mask 50
Dark Ape Mask 50
Carnival Orange Mask 99
Carnival White Mask99
Carnival Blue Mask99
Red Wrestler Mask 125
Green Wrestler Mask 150
Patriot Wrestler Mask 175
Domino Wrestler Mask 85
Gray Wrestler Mask 150
Phoenix Wrestler Mask 175

Here are a few mask pictures thanks to Rockstar Games Social Club
GTA 5 bone skull mask gta 5 freak mask GTA 5 phoenix wrestler mask GTA 5 red demon mask

Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill Missions

After finishing the mission Friends Reunited Trevor will be able to go and meet Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill. Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill will give you the mission Vinewood Souvenirs, a six part mission to collect celebrity items.

1. Vinewood Souvenirs: Kerry
When you approach Kerry McIntosh her dog Dexie gets scared and runs off. Chase after Dexie and stay as close as you can. Dexie runs up toward the fire station and stops next to the firetruck. When you approach Dexie there will be a cutscene.
Gold Medal Requirements:
Hot on the Paws- Stay close to Dexie throughout the chase.

2. Vinewood Souvenirs: Mark – The Golf Club
Drive through the golf course straight to the orange circle. Use a sniper rifle to take out Mark then get back in the car and run over the three security guards. If you are spotted before you shoot Mark he will flee in the golf cart and his guards start shooting at you, then you will have to chase him through the golf course. Grab the club and leave quickly to avoid cops.
Gold Medal Requirements:
Under Par- Collect the golf club within 30 seconds,
Hole in One- Kill Mark with a head shot,
FOUR!- Kill Mark and his 3 security guards.

3. Vinewood Souvenirs: Tyler – Clothes
When you get to Tyler’s house sneak around back to the pool. Grab Tyler’s clothes sitting on the lawn chair. If you are spotted Tyler will call the cops. Leave the scene immediately.
Gold Medal Requirements:
Weed Killer- Take out the gardener with a stealth attack,
Pilferer- Steal the clothes without being detected.

4. Vinewood Souvenirs: Willy
Enter the Tequi-La-La nightclub and head downstairs. Willy is standing next to the stage talking to a woman. Beat him up until you knock his tooth out. Pick up the tooth and leave the area quickly so you’re not seen by cops.
Gold Medal Requirements:
Fist Fury- Take no damage during the fight with Willy,
Entourage- Talk to the entourage. 

5. Vinewood Souvenirs: Al Di Napoli
When you approach Nigel he is looking around the corner and noticed Al Di Napoli. Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill want to talk to him but Al notices the couple and speeds away in his SUV. Get in Nigel’s car and follow him for a while. You eventually chase him through a hospital and jump three stories down. It ends with a cutscene in which Al Di Napoli is unconscious from the jump so Trevor shoves him in the trunk of Nigel’s car for the couple to take to their lockup.
Gold Medal Requirements:
Stalker- Stay close to Al Di Napoli throughout the chase
Accident and Emergency- Avoid hitting anyone in the hospital
Not a Scratch- Complete with minimal damage to Nigel’s car.

6. Vinewood Souvenirs: The Last Act
Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill are having problems with Al Di Napoli and ask Trevor to help. Al is in the trunk, get in the car and follow the yellow route. Al Di Napoli will plead for you to let him go. However it is required you kill him to receive gold medal. If you do let him go he will give you money.
Gold Medal Requirements:
Skin of Your Teeth- Exit the car just before the train hits
Locomotivation- Kill Al Di Napoli using the train

GTA V Mission 20: Fame or Shame

As soon as Trevor meets up with Michael, they get news of Michael’s daughter going on television to dance for the hit show Fame or Shame. Michael and Trevor think it is time for them to get to the television station.

Starting the Mission As soon as you complete Friends Reunited, you can use Trevor or Michael to start this mission. But Choosing Michael will give more story details on the Fame or Shame mission.
mission fame or shame
Completing the MissionAfter arriving to the station, Michael and Trevor will have to chase down by truck the producer for Fame or Shame. You don’t need to attack him, just follow him to his destination without losing him.
mission passed fame or shame
Note! After completing this story, you will be able to choose to continue playing as any of the three main characters. You can do the missions Hotel Assasination with Franklin, Scouting the Port with Trevor, or Dead Man Walking with Michael. All missions will be needed to advance gameplay.

See all Missions

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Bounty Hunter Mission 04: Curtis Weaver

Curtis Weaver is the fourth bail bond jumper mission given by Maude. Curtis Weaver is at the Mount Chiliad Mountan Peaks. In the order of missions on this site, this is the first parachute mission.

To start the mission. This mission is given by Maude before starting the mission the main Trevor mission Friends United. Drive to the marked location below and look for a square tunnel in a wall beside the freeway. The tunnel will have a blue sigh saying “Dignity Village”.
Note: Curtis is an old man with a black tank top and suspenders.
Bounty Hunter Mission 04 Curtis WeaverCatching the Bail Jumper. This mission only requires capturing the bail bond jumper by going to his homeless hang out. There he will be surround by a few people, but only 2-3 will help him resists.  Curtis Weaver himself will only look at you and run. Same as all bounties this far, shoot him or drive him back to Maude for more money.

GTA V: Missions

Strippers of GTA V

Strippers of GTA V
Sex and prostitutes have always been a big controversy when it comes to Grand Theft Auto video games. But that doesn’t keep Rockstar Games from pushing the limits. IN GTA V they have added a whole new element of sexy game play be adding interactive strip clubs. Full on with strippers who dance for you, talk to you, and even in some cases, go home with you.

When going to strip clubs in GTA 5 you can interact in many ways. You can watch the show and throw dollar bills or make it rain. You can get a private dance with any stripper you impress, which can get pretty dirty for a video game. In fact some of the videos have been deemed so sexual with too much offensive nudity that they have been removed from YouTube.

Sex with strippers in GTA 5

Here is one of the many videos on YouTube about having sex with strippers in GTA V. We’ll see how long it stays up.

Pictures of Strippers in GTA V

We are considering making a list of strippers with names and pics in GTA V. However its not yet positive how offensive all this may really be. Until we decide atleast here is some pictures of stippers in game (no nudes).
Strippers of GTA (1)

Strippers of GTA V (3)

Strippers of GTA V (4)

Strippers of GTA V (5)

Strippers of GTA V(2)

Strippers of GTA V(6)