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Getting 100% Completion GTA 5

One of the main goals of any player of Grand Theft Auto Five is getting the Achievement/Trophy for 100 percent completion. But please be noted you don’t actually have to do every single thing in the game. In fact, you only have to do all of the main story missions, and some of the other side missions and obstacles.

Tips for 100%:
1. May obstacles such as stunt jumps, UFO parts, and others can be done during main story missions and Strangers and Freaks mission.

2. You can use friends in game to get the miscellaneous objective for playing 4 activities with friends.

3. Try to keep up with which missions and objectives make your 100 percent checklist change.

GTA 5 100% Checklist

In game and in official walkthrough the goals for the 100 percent checklist in GTA V is broken into groups and mission types.

 All 69 Story Missions (50%)
One for sure objective is you have to beat the game. This means all the main story missions and heists, and Franklin s Assassination mission. This counts for 50 percent and is one of the most entertaining parts of the game.

20 of 58 Strangers and Freaks Missions (10%)
Strangers and Freaks missions are another large percent you can knock out by going through the game. Most will have question marks to show the location. Except you will have to call Tonya to finish towing, and also collect the 50 spaceship parts and 50 letter scraps. Rampages my also be necessary.

14 of the 57 Random Events (15%)
This is probably the easiest percent to get. Throughout the game you will see random dots on the mini-map that will start a random game event, Just be sure to do at least 14.

42 of the 58 Hobbies and Pastimes (10%)
All of the map events you can go to that aren’t missions, such as all the races, sports and strip club are the Hobbies and Pastimes you need for this percent. They are usually marked by a unique map marker.

16 of Miscellanous (15%)
This is the most complicated of the hole list. This completion percentage uses many random factors towards its count. It includes collecting parts for other missions, playing game activities and more.

  • All 50 Spaceship Parts
  • All 50 Letter Scraps
  • Purchase 5 Properties
  • 25 of 50 Ariel Challenges
  • 25 of 50 Stunt Jumps
  • Get into 8 Knife Fights
  • Buy a Vehicle Online
  • Sit through a Movie
  • Play with Chop
  • Play with a Prostitute
  • Make a Booty Call (probably strippers)
  • Rob a Convenient Store
  •  + Four more activities with friends

What Happens with 100% Completion?

Besides having trophies and achievements, you can also unlock a bunch of bonus content. In fact no one is yet sure what all bonuses you do get for it. But some people have reported seeing UFOs after finishing 100 Percent completion.

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