The Heists of GTA 5

Heists are the side missions of Grand Theft Auto Five. There are only a few out so far, but you are able to repeat the side missions if needed or for fun. Completing each heists gives great amounts of money and extra gameplay.

1. Pest Control – The Jewel Store Job

gta5 heist 001 the jewel store
The first heist of the game, the Jewel Store Job uses Lester, Michael, Franklin, and a couple others to pull of a theft in a nice jewel shop in town. There are two options to doing this job.
Smart Option
Franklin and team dress as exterminators and drop knock out gas into the jewel store before entering. Ideally, you will grab the jewels and makea quick exit. However this option ends in a high speed chase.
Loud Option
This version takes the team in quick and hard. Demanding the money and making a quick getaway.

2. Merryweather Heist  РShip Heist

(more info to come)

3. Blitz Play – Armored Car Heist

gta5 heist 002 the armored van
The second heists, Blitz Play, is highly inspired by the movie “Heat”. IT requires taking down an armored van and a hell of alot of security. The heist requires action from all three main antagonists.

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