All HM Locations

In Pokemon X and Y you can still get all the HM’s as in previous versions, such as HM cut, strength, surf and so on.

Note! It is also a good idea to have dedicated HM pokemon. For instance, while playing Pokemon Y I found Shelgon who can learn all HMs not water related such as Strength, cut, and rock smash, And get this, when he evolves to Salamence you can naturally learn Fly, or you can teach him. Leaving only Surf and Waterfall for a water type.

Here is our list of locations where to find all HMs:

HM 01. Cut: Early in Game
HM 02. Fly: Professor Sycamore in Coumarine City
HM 03. Surf:
From friend near Route 12 after Mega Ring
HM 04. Strength: Cyllage City gym leader
HM 05. Waterfall: Shauna on Route 19 bridge

Other Helpful TM’s in Pokemon X/Y
TM 70. Flash
TM 94. Rock Smash: Next to Ambrette Town Poke Center

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