Lost Hotel

Although it looks to be south of Route 15 on the map, but it actually has two entrances. You can access the Lost Hotel at Route 15 and Route 16. This old lost hotel is a place full of ghost pokemon in X & Y and punk trainers. A strange shadow hangs out here in trash cans. And the leader of punks awaits for anyone stylish enough to challenge him/her (Route 15).

Opening the path in Lost Hotel. I haven’t opened the path myself and it doesn’t seem many have. But I have heard of a couple of likely options. 1. Get more stylish in Lumiose City by shopping, using transportation, and other city activities. 2. Learn all roller skating moves. Both could work since the punk leader teaches the last roller skating move and like style.

Note! All roller skating moves can be found in Lumiose City.

Pokemon in Lost Hotel


Trainers in Lost Hotel Route 15
Punk Guy Sid: Scrafty Lv. 39; Sharpedo Lv. 39; Pawniard Lv. 39; $1872
Punk Girl Jeanne: Seviper Lv. 40; Arbok Lv. 40;  $1920
Punk Couple Zoya & Asa: Pangoro Lv.42; Garbodor Lv. 42; $4032

Trainers in Lost Hotel Route 16
Punk Guy Slater: Dunsparce Lv. 42; $2016
Punk Girl Cecile: Liepard Lv. 40; Liepard Lv. 40; $1920
Punk Guy Jacques: Skuntank Lv. 40; Crawdaunt Lv. 40; 1920

Items in Lost Hotel Route 15
Smoke Ball – past Jeanne
Protein – trash can

Items in Lost Hotel Route 16
TM 56: Fling – Roller Girl in Route 16 entrance.
Dread Plate – Rock Smash
Protector – Rock Smash