PokeBall Factory

After defeating the Laverre Gym Leader Valerie you will be able to enter the PokeBall Factory, where you will face off against Team Flare once again. To complete this area fight through Team Flare, reverse the belts and defeat the Team Flare Admins.

After beating ths PokeBall Factory you will have to choose between a Master Ball or Big Nugget. But no worries, you will get moth anyway.

Note! There is a room in the back left of the PokeBall Factory where you can heal.

Items in PokeBall Factory:
Quick Ball
Timer Ball
Metal Coat

Trainers in PokeBall Factory:
Team Flare Grunt: Toxicroak Lv. 37;
Team Flare Grunt: Mightyena Lv. 36; Golbat Lv. 36; $1440
Team Flare Grunt: Scraggy Lv. 36; Mightyena Lv. 36; $1440
Team Flare Grunt: Swalot Lv. 37; $1480

Team Flare Admin: Scraggy Lv. 37; Houndoom Lv. 38; $3040
Team Flare Celosia & Bryony: Liepard Lv. 41 & Manectric Lv. 41; $11,480